Proven, veteran leader seeking to



Who I Am

After graduating from Villanova University with a BS in Chemical Engineering, I was commissioned into the United States Navy. I served on active duty for seven years in various positions including program manager, operations manager, public affairs manager, HR lead, and nuclear engineering manager. I am passionate about the space, defense, and wireless communications industries.

During my last two years of service while working at the University of Notre Dame, I received an MBA focusing on entrepreneurship and leadership development. I focused on building my skill set to run a small business. I am looking to buy and operate one great company for the long run. I care deeply about finding a company that is the right fit for my skills and values.

Why Me

Your company is my sole investment and livelihood - from closing the deal to running the company, I am 100% focused on your business. I intend to extend and expand upon the legacy you built rather than absorb it into a larger private equity or strategic portfolio.

What I Look For

Hamon Capital seeks a company in select industries with a history of profitability and a great team. I seek individuals who desire to transition out of their business for personal reasons, for retirement, or to otherwise significantly reduce work hours.

How it works

Over a series of calls and meetings, both sides will determine if there is a strong fit. If there is, we work together to agree on key terms and complete the diligence, financial, and legal processes necessary to transition the business.

I am a different kind of buyer

When you partner with Hamon Capital, you partner with an entrepreneur, not a firm. Dan is seeking to personally run and grow your business. My goals may be better aligned with yours than other potential purchasers.

Hamon Capital Private Equity Strategic Buyer
Your Company My sole investment and livelihood from deal to operation, 100% focus is on your business One of many companies in a large portfolio One of many business units within a large company
Your Role Flexible Same or more involvement Employee
Focus Sustained growth Maximizing investment returns through financial engineering Cut costs and achieve synergies
Time Horizon Long term Short term Varies
Governance Dedicated managers Investors Bureaucracy
Deal Terms Flexible; based on needs Complex Structured to protect the buyer

Strategic buyers or private equity firms often purchase your business and absorb its operations or slash costs before selling it for a profit. I feel that a business is worth more than the sum of its parts - I seek to take what you have built and carry it forward over the long-term.

Transition With Confidence

Selling your business to a veteran leader can offer confidence that your employees, customers and business will be in good hands. I don’t follow a stereotypical private equity or strategic buyer playbook - I want to lead your business for the long term.

  • I am not a financial engineer or banker - I believe that leadership, humility, and strong planning trump clever financing schemes.
  • I am not fixing what is not broken or reinventing the wheel.
  • I am not here to tell you what you did wrong. I am here because of everything you did right - because what you have built has created value and makes an impact in the lives of your employees and customers.

What I Look For

A Healthy and Stable Company
  • Happy Customers
  • 3+ years of profitability
  • $500K in annual profits/seller's discretionary earnings
In The Following Industries
  • Engineered Component Manufacturing - Defense, Medical, Scientific Equipment
  • Testing services - N/DT, calibration, inspection
  • Hardware/Firmware/Software Development
  • Industrial Automation and Repair Services
  • Other Similar Industies on a Case by Case Basis
With a Great Team
  • Engaged employees and strong middle-management depending on size
  • Owner ready to hand over the reins
Based in New England, United States


If you are looking to transition, know someone who is, or just want to say hello!